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Think about your purpose.

Your primary purpose is informative. Focus your research on FACTS, especially STATISTICS, that inform your audience about the problem and how others have attempted to solve it. In doing so, you will lay the foundation to persuade them that your solution will be a success.


Get organized.

  • After you have explored the UNSDG website to get an overall sense of your topic, make a list of what you need to know and use this list to direct your research.

  • Divide your research questions among your group members and save all of your research in one shared location, like Google Drive.

Record bibliography information as you work.

  • Databases provide this information for you.

  • Use the button below to for website format.


Databases are the best place to begin most research projects since their sources are already verified by editors, saving you time and effort. Click on the buttons below to access each database. If you need help using these databases, see your librarian for help.

General Purpose

General purpose databases contain primary sources, reference books (encyclopedias) and thousands of articles, images, video clips, etc. from newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. These databases are a good source of current news, information, and opinions about most research topics. 

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Controversial issues

Because of controversy related to many of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, many of you will find our controversial issue databases useful for this project. Like the general purpose databases, these are a good source of current news and information; however, these databases also provide background information and sources that explain all sides of controversial topics.

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Click the link above and then scroll to the bottom of the page for SDG-related topics.

  • Links to website and documents

  • Links to recent news stories

  • Milestone timeline with links

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Useful Webpages

Using the web for information is risky because most websites are not verified, meaning their information hasn't been checked by editors or experts. However, all of the information published by the United Nations has been verified, and any links posted on their sites can also be trusted. The links below will quickly take you to some of the most useful pages for this project.


Click the link above and then select your team's SDG on the right side of the page.

  • Goal overview

  • Important facts and figures

  • Goal targets

  • Links to organizations working to address the goal


SDG Tracker

Click the link above and then select your team's SDG at the bottom of the page.

  • Breakdown of goal targets and indicators 

  • Data showing progress toward each target

  • Interactive map comparing global progress 

  • Links to even more data and explanations


Click the link above and then select your team's SDG goal. Use the filter option to focus on specific targets.

  • Links to information about organizations working to address the goal

  • Links to information about specific actions taken to address the goal